1, the speed of the site

released the article every day, not to talk about the original content is about how to find the chain. Many articles are in some ways repeated consolidation, no innovation point. Personally think that, in addition to optimize the content and the chain there are many we need to conscientiously implement the.

see the speed of the site, everyone thought it was the speed of the open web site. Of course, the website open speed is also very important, to know the search engine spiders is equivalent to a visit to our site users, our users if you wait 5 seconds or 10 seconds is no longer waiting. Besides now others more demanding spiders? So, buy a better space is our first step. In fact, the speed of the site also includes adding content speed, the speed of the chain added. If the content is too slow, such as 3 days to add an article, some even add content after no to update. You say that the increase in the content of the speed of spider interested? Content and add too fast, just stick a few days, every day is 10 to several dozens of articles content added, a little taste of the original site, every day will be able to rapidly increase so much? So, to our website to add content speed control, generally small, new, need to optimize the site, personally think that every day is the best with 3-5 content. There is the speed of the chain, if the new investment, every day to add some outside chain. And when the content of the website is full, the chain and not. So, the chain also need to control the speed of adding. The website on-line a month later every day to 2 -5 chain is the best, the key is to continue to add the chain. This article originally shouldn’t talk about the content and the chain. But this "content" and "the chain" is content with the chain when telling the site speed.

2, the structure of

website Look at the new

DEDECMS or zblog under any such procedure, and then change the title and keywords to a site to go up. You know, this is the website structure very abuse of the. To put it bluntly, a lot of illegal sites or some porn sites are using this program. Although the search engine did not say that the program site is not good, but personally think that a new, own development, or to develop the program as well as the original contribution to innovation or say. Of course, the structure of the site is not only to say what the program use. The structure of the site also includes the specific structure of the page. We all know that love Shanghai in Google encyclopedia was so successful. The key is to do the page structure it can be said to be perfect. Simple and easy to identify the title; the tree structure about the form; H1, H2, H3, the label of the gradient; strong list formed within the page at the bottom of the anchor; the most appropriate; simple, compatible div+css layout and so on. These factors are too high in Google encyclopedia weight is one of the most important reasons. Why Wikipedia Interactive Encyclopedia, this site in Shanghai love >