two: high quality soft Wen to occupy much component


: where is Shanghai dragon, what Shanghai dragon

was in the first place we have said, the chain is the king, so we need high quality soft Wen chain in construction is a very good thing, then why am I so to say a high quality soft Wen will have such a great power, we have to decrypt, for a high quality soft, we should choose the right place, the right subject, the right content to write, what is the right place? The right place is in A5, where what we stationmaster net issued an article, then this article can get a good degree is reproduced, other sites will collect these the website text to enrich their website content, so it is necessary and essential, and that the weight of the site is very high, the quality of the construction of the chain is very high, there is a good topic, With the right words for the theme of this soft Wen cited is fine, because the others for your title is very interested in the topic or so more people will click on your stuff, so it would be a huge amount of lead, the right content is the content needs, enrich, will be reproduced in this people watching your content things, would also be reproduced is quite high, so the chain will also increase, well, talk so much we should also understand the importance of a high quality soft Wen of it, the construction of the chain increased steadily, every point of high quality soft Wen sure, it is good for the construction of the chain site, the effect is not you can do it, is to insist on, have a heart, and the patient can.

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many do stand are clearly the Shanghai dragon English abbreviation, because do stand friends cannot do without the word, the word is too familiar, we do search engine ranking, we do this in the rankings when ever good to bring us the chain, then the chain is what, in the title we see is what Shanghai Longfeng, high quality soft Wen really occupy a much weight? Many owners are a high quality of soft power is very strong, so we’re doing this at the same time we thought about how to do, how to do it, okay, now I I will give you talk about how to Shanghai dragon, high quality soft Wen in the end how much


optimization (Shanghai Longfeng simple is the search engine ranking optimization), then we should be how to understand him, to the webmaster should be very clear, the contents of the emperor chain for the king, so how are we going to do Shanghai dragon, first we do not speak the content, the content that everyone is very clear the original, the original is the kingly way, so we want a website with original content, so that we can make a stand with vitality, okay, so we’re going to talk about the chain, the chain construction of high quality soft Wen be better, why is the role of the soft can then, we in second points to analyze high quality soft Wen occupied component.