or more users of a search link, in what is now the site basic rarely do this, it will get rid of the existence of the top of the unspoken rule. What other website ranking on the first page of how to better compete for the top can’t eat the cake?


Improvement of

let us first from the search engine under natural ranking significance about. Familiar with website optimization and search market all know that the search engine page ranking of an enterprise, especially a huge role to emerge in the Internet business. High ranking enterprise website also means that the high exposure rate, is temporarily high search user rate, click rate, scan rate, high ranking and high flow temporarily. These reasons should be enough for many sites to make their sites in their industry search natural ranking under the home position of about several fierce competition.

according to this unspoken rule, their website should be high platform, high resource, high business model seems to create the perfect website. If you follow this logic search engine should be continued in the natural ranking above unspoken rule. But the reality is the natural search engine ranking is only a temporary website ranking, a big truth now search engine ranking, especially on the first page of the website can say without a top the unspoken rule of the despot, so as to give a snatch of advertising effectiveness, brand benefit opportunities page ranking other sites.

Internet industry has always been known to eat big eat leftovers, residual root remaining unspoken rule, just past the double 11, Alibaba to take 19 billion 100 million deep, to all the business lesson vivid lesson. What in the search engine ranking first whether it should be a natural continuation of this internet game unspoken rule

But the reality is the object of

survival of the fittest, the survival of the fittest. It seems now no matter what the industry on universal law, which is the natural law of survival of the search engine ranking is the all-purpose


let us first look at the reduction of a process of users use search engines: user defined search keywords of their own, with the search engine’s search box, search engine to obtain feedback to the user about the user search keywords of a natural ranking in the search results list page. The user will first scan the first position under the natural ranking website, if the search keyword of this website title and description, the user can very good, what the user will open this web page links, then if you open the page can solve the user search keywords intention, what will give the site an effective flow and further to produce the conversion to the site of the brand plus website brand word-of-mouth to pave the way for.

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