second, not simply to content is king, the chain for the emperor’s optimization. In fact, this optimization model is very common in many enterprises, arrange the related personnel and business editor of the relevant and irrelevant content every day, and then to the various forums, community or even by some money to buy some large portals posted some news etc.. Shanghai dragon looks optimization rhythmical, like a raging fire. But the final effect is just passable.

first, enterprise website is not online, began to spread on the internet. Of course, this is a kind of communication way of the chain. Some companies want to be able to make an on-line website to get more traffic, so in the website development stage began to vigorously propaganda website, to do a lot of high quality of the chain. But if your site is not online, then the love of spiders in Shanghai through the chain these are difficult to enter into the corresponding website, this will inevitably lead to misjudgment of the spider love Shanghai, think this is a penalized site, or is not the existence of the site, then the future may encounter these chain, nor through your website, your website will lead to even the line, it is difficult to be included, not to mention the rankings.

enterprise website on the Internet is a special website, these websites more similar to the one in the virtual space on a show like enterprise, in reality as the concrete factory. In order to make the enterprise website to get more visibility and reputation on the Internet, so the enterprise website of Shanghai Longfeng optimization is very important.

for this optimization model is certainly not yigunzidasi, optimization model to combine the demand to the right, that is to say, in the content optimization, in essence is not much, because the enterprise website, the requirement is the authority, and to demonstrate the company culture. So as not to be able to use and enterprise related content, even can be appropriate to reduce the size of the update. As for the construction of the chain, must pay attention to the correlation, and the related enterprise platform release, so that it can transfer effect of weight, but also can enhance the target flow.

third, the design of architecture and ignore the website page. This >

but I think, if the Shanghai dragon optimization only as content and the chain for the emperor, then become shallow, in fact, Shanghai Longfeng optimized content is extremely broad, but optimization model to select the appropriate according to the specific types of web sites. In fact, for the enterprise website is concerned, they need to optimize. But in the process of optimization, but the need to avoid the following several minefields.

may be many owners do not agree, because the enterprise website is more of a display window, then their content is king, the chain for the emperor of Shanghai dragon optimization, seems a little be inopportune or inappropriate. Because the only need to do a fine degree of enterprise website is enough, why some covet fame, and the fame or the establishment of self content and to refuse and outside the chain.