can easily go to other pages, do a quick navigation, there are various arrangement, screening function, in this information era, everyone is busy, easy to find things.

4, if there is a drop-down menu, then click on the page navigation, the following is a brief description of some down menu, to attract visitors, such as the station column design, we can refer to.


1, the head of the website: head design can not be like home like to write words, we’d better write only one, then the text is highly summarized, the head of the keyword and description are to write, do not think that paging is not important, I think that is the most important, he is going to write to this key words, don’t appear too much, 2-3 ranking is good.

4, the contents of these pages is best illustrated, let a person have Xing >

2, on the link optimization, the best link names and keywords of the page, but don’t be too cumbersome, such as site optimization, we can write the Shanghai dragon, other clients written in pinyin, then there is Harbin site optimization in Haerbin Phoenix – Shanghai, we all know what it meant, now noble baby is good to accept Pinyin, don’t answer is not good, of course, if the best site is to do foreign trade English, hehe.

two columns, or multi-level columns is crucial for the website optimization, we all know the importance of a web page, in addition to the first page is the column page, the column page on a website it is more important than the home page, because the number can bring a lot of traffic and the website included good column page settings.


has the advantages of simple structure, not too cumbersome, visitors watch is an important thing, has been home to write very simple, then the column page must be clear, if the two columns be highly summarized, to attract visitors to click on

The website

, 3 page links, this for website optimization, is a very good place, because you can do a lot of anchor text links, increase the weight of the key page, but not too much, 3-5 is the most moderate, do words, write the bold tag, let the search engine think you very much pay attention to the word, so the word link seriously.

3, the interface design must be unified, if the portal can have the difference, because most of the sites are small or medium-sized several columns, most of it more than a dozen, what kind of interface design is to give people the feeling, I do not know what is your website, then disgusted, portal is not the same information. A large amount of each column can have a lot of columns and information.

website optimization column page and the pageThe design of 1,

first, how to design the column page.