two, let the ranking quickly to the home page, what is the premise of

ranking cycle: conservative calculation of ranking at home time is 1-3 months, how to choose the website do good, solid foundation, in 1-2 months at home is no problem

Before the cycle?

four, regular and ongoing update:

: a new optimization for the new station, do website positioning, select the core keywords, site layout, Shanghai Longfeng basic work done, regularly updated high quality content, so conservative 2-3 months will be ranked for home page is no problem. Why the new need for a long time? Because the new search engine will be given 2-3 months of the review period, is simply the assessment period, Google search engine trust period: 6 months; what can there be such a long time the trust period? Because the search engine to give users a better search experience, better meet the needs of users the demand for better and faster to solve the practical problems of users, must be masked some of the garbage sites, as much as possible so that some high quality content sites ranked up.

: what is the old station optimization of the old station is in operation optimization, website optimization Shanghai dragon has already existed before the website, the website optimization, first of all to do a good job based, engaged in the promotion, drainage etc..

to make the website keywords ranking fast reach home, we must first understand the search engine ranking cycle, premise rankings, positioning website building, website is continuously updated, these will determine whether website ranking can effectively reach home.

first determine the core words page, and write the three elements in TKD, according to the analysis to determine the column navigation key, do in the station layout structure. The line on the website, do not easily modify the TKD, modify the website ranking will delay effect.

website, the website optimization based Shanghai dragon must be perfect.

must be >

, a Shanghai love search engine ranking

? !

stable website hosting, or because the host space will allow access to stable, let a website to open quickly to reduce user waiting time, ensure that the spiders can crawl, the normal site can not being attacked.

for all Shanghai Longfeng optimization personnel, quickly improve site keywords ranking, is the desire to achieve, is also the most urgent to achieve. But how can we quickly reach our goal, Xiao Bian now with you to explain in detail the

site location:

Three, do

let the website ranking quickly to the home page, all Shanghai dragon Er dream, also concern enterprise boss. Let the site quickly reach home, is to achieve the most desire. So, how to make website ranking quickly reach home? The network world is with you to explain in detail.