Er Shanghai dragon should not take the priceless youth spent in desperate to send the chain. Stop looking for the chain resources tired pace, stop their brains on how to let the chain not be thinking deleted, a cup of hot tea, Alice his legs, let pent up and breathe freely in the recovery of all things in the season.

no matter which you work in a specific period, you will have new. When you are confused, you have to stop the galloping pace, think. As Shanghai dragon Er, particularly so.


not to link chain! Don’t forget the original intention of the chain. The chain here does not include Links.

to do, do Links outside the chain, do the chain of high quality.

The chain on the

now you are just as I had been, I yesterday, every day in search of new chain resources? Do you every day tirelessly, or let others tirelessly to send the chain? This is very sad. Yes, sad.


chain robot features

Hi, your executive ability is very strong. As long as there is expert advice, you will be a great Shanghai dragon er.

blog, the chain forum, how much weight? The weight of perhaps 1000 blogs, forum outside the chain to a site chain transfer. And the weight of this web site or to 0 to 1 level.

as a professional, or part-time Shanghai dragon Er, we should not be outside the chain machine. People are true to life mortals, Shanghai dragon Er too.

is known as the chain robot, bittersweet, and sad more than joy.

in my side, there are a lot of chain robot. I used to be.

1, do you think Shanghai dragon is the hair of the chain.

2, you have been in the hair of the chain.

is sad, your limited, priceless youth, spent in the chain.

so, if your blog and forum audience, see the chain will not click on your words, just like the chain say goodbye. Your priceless youth should not be here around.

quantitative change will cause the qualitative change. You may have such a voice. Yes, the quantitative change can indeed cause qualitative change. The chain may be able to withstand you a chain. But, "

Shanghai dragon er. Whether you are a professional, or part-time, as long as you have the following two features, you will be known as the chain robot. This article is for you.

chain’s intention: import import traffic weight.

even if we do not like Tao Yuanming, a "picking chrysanthemums Dongli, leisurely Nanshan see" immortal life, it should not be like Yang Bailao, a "round the clock sweating, but still not enough food, weak slave life.

If you are a