1, we do not do Shanghai dragon theorist

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2, Shanghai Dragon technology is

is the test of practice is the sole criterion for testing truth, Shanghai dragon in this industry is no exception, even if you’re blowing all over the sky is cattle, no one will recognize your Shanghai Dragon technology, that the real Shanghai Longfeng lecturer, is not blown out, but the actual told us he has this ability, he can put some hot words make up, he can give money to a web site, he can bring value to a business, this is his value, then he had to share the qualification of Shanghai dragon

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can’t fight is not a good soldier, not to make money for the purpose of Shanghai dragon master, not a good webmaster! Whether you are a veteran or a rookie, all have a common goal, for just contact Shanghai Longfeng novice, the Shanghai dragon combat technology, can provide enough search engine optimization services for small and medium sized enterprise website, according to keywords charges, overall optimization of the site, and then help several core keywords customers in Baidu, Yahoo and other search engines, the noble baby on the left side of the top 10. And maintain a year. The method of making money online, the cost is relatively low, relatively easy to use, a monthly income of over million is relatively easy, but relatively tired. For the old station on Shanghai Longfeng make it more simple, but the money is another, because they have enough technology, can make up words, we can analyze the high conversion keywords, so make more money will be not at all surprising! > 3, doing stand, daily updates, study users, to earn money is Shanghai Dragon King

in Shanghai Longfeng webmaster friends Shanghai Longfeng level to a certain extent, think about how to bring more traffic on the Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon on how to earn more money. When you want to make money to engage in Shanghai Longfeng sites in the decision, do not easily say to work, although this straightforward way sometimes very let people appreciate, but no matter what, all have to analyze specific issues. For example, in this site can make money for this industry? How much passion? Sure these keywords to push up? And so on, are doing a series of.

now there are many webmaster friends addicted to the Shanghai twins, they look from the surface is not to make money and work in Shanghai dragon, but in order to study how to better Shanghai Longfeng, how fast the rankings do go up, how to keep the site keywords ranking, even love Shanghai algorithm, actually study not only too is not conducive to the webmaster friends in Shanghai Longfeng learning, but also hindered the development of us for a Shanghai dragon! Shanghai dragon is a technology, but as long as you learn the basic knowledge of his most important, I think it should be put in practice, it’s time to spend in the study, not to practice. Shanghai Longfeng experience is essential to the success of

means to make money