peers such as the enemy, this sentence I believe in an industry which is not wrong, website optimization this line is even more so. Shanghai love home leaving only ten positions, while our competitive rivals have thousands, as can be imagined how fierce competition. Of course, we all want to win, then this optimization battle to win the core of what is it? The answer is a comprehensive study of the web site. It also teaches us that we are victorious, so you must have the optimization study of peer website and technology, here I come to according to their own experience and we simply share insights.

: first let oneself like an ordinary user to access Web site

second: analysis of the content and structure of the peer website what are the advantages of

(1) the content of the website. Content is king, only good content can really be called this website is a good website, therefore, in the study of outstanding rival web content, we can focus on the content of the original web site and the chain of. Five or six articles we can through a random opponent website released the latest copy, a part of Shanghai to love the search box, if there are many duplicate records, the intensity of the original website not, we can strengthen our original web content to beat the opponent; but for the website of the internal links, if the internal links website well as below:

love to follow suit, is what people think is popular, along with his to do, so many small owners see advertising that attractive, regardless of their level of funding and, to participate in "money" project, it was a minute left. Therefore, in the construction site before the first to understand the competition is a very necessary strategy. The first step is to "Avatar" ordinary users to browse the competitor’s website. For example, if we want to do a special help for hospital registration website, then we can fall in love with the sea enter appointment registration, on behalf of the registration and other words, and then select the top five sites in the visit, remember not to use webmaster angle to view the site, and to see the site for ordinary users the observation angle, the layout of the site is beautiful, is able to meet the user needs, the user experience is excellent and other details. Do this job well, will make you more website development direction, grasp more later.


when we visit the web site, and has an overall understanding of the company website, we will begin to analyze the site content and structure about the peer site what advantage. Here is divided into two parts:

saw chain competitors do so well, we should learn from the advantages, continue to strengthen our website content and chain tightness.

Many owners are now playing