L Jun duplicate pages on this issue, namely: the repeat page is how to produce, how to track and analyze its value? I think the problem is very typical and easy to neglect, I began to take this opportunity to sort out ideas and the enlightenment, only this article here, special thanks to the initiative to share L Jun. In fact, Mr L is not hard to solve, the love of Shanghai Webmaster Platform and traffic statistics system.

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The focus of attention in the Included

by mining source keywords traffic statistics of Shanghai search and love hot list, you can find the clues of the hot news content and the depth of love, Shanghai Webmaster Platform "flow and keyword search trends on the real-time response degree is not high, then do not extend.

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1, you need to know how many types of web page, here refers to the characteristics of different URL types.

As shown in figure

4, according to the collection, flow analysis of what the page is a higher value of flow page, which will guide our follow-up operation optimization direction;

3, each page type, GA by regular subdivision flow data (flow including repeat page);


1, some of the content can be added to the process as our daily work (for example: instant feedback to grab hot news editing, editing and publishing the relevant content);

love Shanghai Webmaster Platform "index" function can help us to easily grasp the various types of web pages included, of course, the premise is:

2, custom rules to monitor all types of pages.

in large and medium-sized website of Shanghai dragon service project in the course of the operation, optimization of meticulous analysis of the data and thus derived from the improvement direction is a magic weapon to enhance the effect, it can help us to find the current Shanghai dragon strategy blind spots, even break through the website of Shanghai Longfeng stage bottleneck effect. We have invited to the Shanghai dragon Hao Cong: expert to share how to analyze Shanghai Longfeng data using Webmaster Platform tool

first said several valuable problems:

2, each page type (especially included repeat page);

the problem from a Shanghai dragon outsourcing project, the client is a well-known fashion media services company B L Jun is Shanghai Longfeng advisor for docking. In my opinion, these needs to prove that the customer’s operations staff is very professional through real-time search for hot / hot cycle ideas content of the construction of directional (but not completely dependent on vision and focus editors), will lead to the optimization of Shanghai dragon type level, fine paging flow oriented products and extension create a page.


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