in the optimization of the web site optimization excessive, will be punished, the use of black hat means will be punished, the website will not appear to be related punishment, the punishment is also slightly serious, so each Shanghai Dragon Staff in the website optimization is careful. Here the author introduces several search engines, the degree of punishment.

Be punished often

heavy punishment is very serious situation, the main reason is that due to serious violation of the prohibition of the use of search engine to optimize the site, such as the use of serious black hat means, hang black chain, using the group chain software, web site recognition. Severe punishment once will delete the home page, included dropped substantially even 0, keywords ranking disappeared. If the punishment of severe punishment is not immediately check and restore it can lead to the occurrence of direct K station, even if do want is a long time to recover.

, severe punishment

medium punishment will slightly serious point, this is generally the site uses some means of cheating, or a wide range of revision, frequent change site title, or the means to optimize the site of black hat, a large collection of content and so on are likely the degree of punishment, this usually results in keywords the decline in ranking, is not the first home page, the inside pages included greatly reduced, if you are Shanghai, personnel should immediately view the reason, correct and recover the search engine trust to you immediately, otherwise it will cause third kinds of severe punishment.



two, medium-sized punishment

said a total of four kind of punishment, whether you meet what kind of situation, the first is don’t panic, carefully check the reason, think about their own use which search engines do not allow the means, efforts to restore the long-term ranking, >

slight punishment cannot be called actual punishment, should be the search engine to give you little warning, this is for the owners appear small error but not immediately change the situation, such as: modify title, delete important links, modify the site keywords, slight revision, not related to the content and theme space, stability poor, friends of the chain to be punished and so on, all of these may lead to minor punishment. The situation on the site’s ranking, included, snapshot update rate will be with little impact, but the impact is not big, timely correction, multiple high quality original can be 1,2 days will be able to recover.

, a mild punishment

four, K

K is a can let all the people give up the punishment, this kind of website is Shanghai dragon personnel belonging to this website is already incorrigible, long-term use of various means of cheating and cause, included no ranking, no traffic from search engines and the site if the webmaster do just gave up..