two, Shanghai dragon optimization is not excessive. When you want to learn the knowledge application to your site, there is no thought, what is the result of doing so, the thought of optimization over what is the consequences of not. These factors, you have to be taken into account, not blindly take off. The development of the website is a sequential see into the process of the development of Shanghai dragon method only can make your site in good health. It is not accelerator, overnight to achieve the effect you want.

three, the method can not be used indiscriminately. Many novices know a way, blindly indiscriminate use, it is not reasonable. When you are not deep enough understanding of the way, do not blindly applied. But before I see others do so, the station group, they would understand that, then do stand ready to buy the software group, to increase the weight of the website, but a friend told me that the station operation is very dangerous, a little careless, will love Shanghai K station. Finally, I give up the operation of the station group, understand the principle of it, I used the blog to do a small station, the effect is also good, you can try.

after two months of hard work and learning, feeling Shanghai dragon suddenly become more simple, perhaps among the novices are still confused, do not worry, this is just a transitional period, so you look back after two months before himself, he found himself really has grown not less. When you from understanding to understand Shanghai Longfeng optimization, the confidence will gradually improve a lot. For the website optimization has a new understanding. When you take off the site.

four, Shanghai dragon optimization with regularity. The more you will feel more chaotic method. To clarify ideas, make Shanghai dragon plan every day, follow the prescribed order, sequential see into operation for a period of time to look at the effect. Do not do something today. "

, ensure that all aspects of normal and stable. When you want to use Shanghai Longfeng knowledge to operate the site, has been full of confidence, then do not be careless, because there may be a little setback will erode your confidence. For example: when you first optimized for a month, the server problem, the site open, this will come to naught. We can see " how to make your site from love Shanghai trash " and " " caused six reasons Shanghai dragon end optimization; understand. The website is normal, otherwise The loss outweighs the gain.

when I contact Shanghai Longfeng, understanding within the chain, the chain, anchor text, original, and later into the code optimization, keywords layout, 301 redirection, and finally to the original, the station group, understand the contents of a step by step deep, is still learning. Believe that novices will experience the process. So, when we have these technologies, our website is not the development will be better. The rapid growth of the site will take off like, as long as we make good use of these technologies will be successful. Here to remind you when you take off the website should pay attention to what matters: