if the site is local, not with the words of the regional, not only to attract traffic, is not conducive to improve the site’s conversion rate. For example, the website provides host leasing, sales and other services, if the "host" as keyword optimization, not only the intensity of competition, but it is difficult to make up the ranking website. On the contrary, if the broad keywords with regional words, such as Sichuan, Shenzhen, Hongkong, the host host host, the host, the service content of this web site will be more clear, convenient for users to find, and relatively lower intensity of competition.

2, whether there is any correlation between


1, is a regional

we mentioned three factors, does not mean that all the site keywords are set according to the regional classification + product development and positioning, after each stage of the website will be different, the development of law will only limit mechanically above the site.


is a web site in the early establishment, must be considered a problem: how to decide what keywords for the site selection, a new web site for the flow of the main entrance is the search engine, and keyword selection is correct or not, but whether the site can obtain the importance factors of flow. Therefore, when selecting the site keywords, Shanghai dragon Er should consider from the following three points: whether the site is regional keywords? Whether there is any correlation? And, rival site keywords in this way, the choice of keywords to get high flow.

3, the competition website keywords flow how

although the competition website has provided certain reference, but the webmaster should focus on mining the long tail keywords, the keywords can not only bring good traffic to the site, but also brought about by the user, the conversion rate was higher than that of target key words.

if the site is the product station, then in addition to in accordance with the geographical classification, can also according to the product types to set the key words. As a host for example, includes products including virtual hosting, cloud hosting, VPS hosting, independent host and other categories, the webmaster can use keywords optimization of different categories, and in accordance with the above rules plus regional words, keywords set to Sichuan will be hosting, cloud hosting, Shenzhen Hongkong VPS host relatively more specific words, so set into the site through search keywords user needs more clear, more precise positioning, the turnover rate will increase.

also, in the selection of the site keywords, should also be considered for the general public of the word.

called the "enemy battle" in the selection of the site keywords, recommend Shanghai dragon er must to understand and analyze the competitor’s website, keywords and clear layout competition website, this optimization can not only find loopholes, can grasp the current competitive keywords heat, to facilitate manpower deployment optimization.