5, another cause of the page ranking than home ranking, probably because the corresponding page keyword density is too high. But now the general site has special maintenance, seldom have this phenomenon. And this ranking is not the normal situation, may be the search engine to make adjustments, not normal.

summed up the following reasons, to discuss:


from 9.21 to begin a comprehensive revision, the revision did not pay attention to detail, and the corresponding art in the website with strong and later in the CSS reset the strong attribute, 2 months after toxace was found, which leads to the site was completely right down. After an emergency recovery and a large number of high-quality original site in the station, began to slowly recover.

The correlation of Since the

2, outside the chain, a link to the article page. Some of the more powerful extrapolation station, the existence of this phenomenon. But the Shenzhen scar repair chain network but handmade, daily supervision, it is excluded for this reason.

3, the content of the page in the page more than the keyword relevance. This point can also be excluded. A ranking of the article is a simple page, but was released soon. From the love of Shanghai "new" effect that is greater than the weight of temporary web page weight.

1, web site was down the right, resulting in a page weight greater than the home page, Shenzhen web site revision scar repair in the art of indirect cheating, since the site weight, keyword ranking did not return home by K, site, domian also recently, in view of Shanghai’s past love, there is no such quick action to restore the weight of the home page.

toxace why the page ranking higher than the home page ranking" some understanding, just welcome have different opinions about the statements of a school, share exchange, communication is progress. This article from the 贵族宝贝pfzxmr贵族宝贝, please indicate the link > from

The influence of

4, inside the update frequency is greater than the page update frequency. This toxace can be deep, just before a dream of the medical station, have several people do question and answer, and there is no supervision in place, the quiz channels update frequency is faster than the update frequency, site domain name quiz channels directly first, home second, lead to friends of the chain have been deleted. At this point, Shenzhen scar repair network currently does not exist this problem, can be excluded.

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toxace also found a very interesting phenomenon, an article page keyword ranking website main keywords ranking more than. The same main keywords ranking in the search engine since a page ranking is even higher than the home page ranking, generally all that a website is the most competitive also is the site of the home page, then what is a website main keywords ranking pages above the home page for the