8. on layout

6. do 404 friendly page

2. in the content of reasonable distribution of keywords


Description: Huizhou Shanghai dragon blog is a website optimization website operation planning. Shanghai Longfeng Shanghai Longfeng blog focused on Web site operators, Shanghai dragon,

pseudo static absolute address

web site operators, Shanghai dragon, soft writing, Huizhou Shanghai dragon


home page:

Reasonable layout of the Shanghai dragon!

11. of chain construction


3. page

2. URL

1. day of original articles to update the


Do the site map


of Huizhou Shanghai dragon blog to write a web site in Shanghai Longfeng optimization scheme for friends as a reference in the formulation of relevant website optimization scheme

due to the Huizhou Shanghai dragon blog is a personal blog of the Shanghai dragon, more attention and the website of Shanghai Longfeng optimization and website operation promotion and soft writing skills, so choose keywords are website operation optimization and soft writing related keywords.

3. main keywords should be fixed page link >

station soft writing skills! master keyword density


12. to write each page label, especially important page


7. the reasonable use of the Nofollow label, avoid weight dispersion

13. do all the details of the optimization of

website optimizationThe use of

10. to optimize the picture, ALT set

site location of

Huizhou Shanghai dragon blog (贵族宝贝huizhou Shanghai dragon.Cn/) is a personal blog is Shanghai dragon, Huizhou Shanghai dragon Ye Jianhui for Shanghai dragon and pay attention to the website Web site operators, and through the website of Shanghai Longfeng practice and optimization of site operations planning.

goals and ideas: Huizhou Shanghai dragon blog through various means of promotion, and to optimize the website keywords, so as to bring traffic, achieve self practice and self promotion.

Title: Huizhou – Shanghai dragon blog dedicated to the website of Shanghai Longfeng website operation planning research and practice of optimizing

update website content. Keywords

4. robots.txt file is written, shielding does not need to be crawled page


Here is Ye Jianhui