once once to do the first for keywords ranking fad then form a list of keywords, write some 300 word blog can get traffic to bring customers, this time is different.

Study on the data of

HubSopt shows the search engine CTR B2B’s 2.55% average.

and Advanced WebRanking research data show that the first natural search ranking results for CTR 29.87%

is looking for new opportunities to market competitors will ask, where is the remaining 67.38%, the 67.58% is that we can change the perspective to fully optimize the rather than just staring at your site to get the. So, here I want to introduce the distribution of SERP, B2B by this method through keywords itself better value to get more market share.

Hai Yao Shanghai Longfeng owners hope that this article helps you realize that B2B isolated station of Shanghai Longfeng optimization era has ended.

SERP was initially supposed to carefully analyze the most valuable keywords of the SERP page, so you can understand what the search results provide a noble baby for these keywords and what opportunities exist.

the top six search results, only one with other search results, is provided for reply letter >

, for example, high purchase intention of B2B buyers will often search for "Best+," Top+ key "Keywords" or even "keyword +Reviews". In fact, just take the key words such as "Best ERP software for manufacturing www. 8.org, the following is the Shanghai dragon" noble baby SERP keyword search under this screenshot.

2017 us is very large, consciousness and better understand the search engine is very important for B2B sites. Search engine optimization (Shanghai dragon) is no longer how to optimize the keywords ranking on the site, but how to optimize the site to make a variety of search engines in the better site is the target audience through different search and find. This means that if you want to do search engine optimization, we need at the same time in paid search, natural search results and other digital display a common expansion optimization, so, why should we do this?

B2B Shanghai dragon will no longer be ranked as the website optimization keywords, columnist Garrett Mehrguth explains why B2B companies need to change the concept of dragon in Shanghai.

Hai Yao Shanghai dragon small please look at some statistics and a hypothetical situation.

Study on the distribution of The search engine changes