iResearch consulting according to the latest data of the online advertising monitoring system iAdTracker found that the automotive industry has a high degree of awareness and recognition of the Internet media. 2008 traffic, network services and IT products industry has become the most online advertising industry three; transportation network advertising costs among the top of the various segments of the industry, the estimated cost of up to 1 billion 380 million.

Car Forums in prominent in interactive, cost-effective, effects can be assessed and so on, the traditional media has unparalleled advantages, the domestic automobile forum – car every day do not regularly update the village 4 times, with the latest global car information, and other information for the auto test report and provide Internet visitors car maintenance, car to car users advice and guidance, the powerful search and Baidu know more directly to the station docking, visitors thoughtful answer.

attractive, retain people, which may be the direct reason for the car village gradually favored by advertisers, automotive village official said. First, we use the most fresh information, the most timely and professional questions attract people; at the same time, the Forum on the essence of all kinds of automobile fancier posts, classic games, and the interaction is more whenever and wherever possible, the formation of a number of car in the village of loyal fans, and now the team is expanding at full speed. The person in charge told the author. I browse found in the car Haruki, here especially young people full of vigor, they have their own special interpretation of the automobile and automobile culture, some fun games, is rarely seen on other forums.

at the same time, compared with other media, forums have become the main media of automobile advertising, but also because with the rapid development of Internet in China, users with high education, high income and high consumption characteristics of Internet users in the automobile enterprises and the target user group has a high degree of coincidence, this part of the population has increasingly become the focus of the main concern of the user car advertisement.