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"Chinese character uncle" is an American, but he is more famous in china. He created a Chinese characters word source website, where you can find the evolution of almost every Chinese characters, Oracle (micro-blog), Xiaozhuan, inscriptions, traditional and simplified Chinese characters. In 2011, someone put his site on micro-blog caused widespread concern, the site’s traffic soared 4 times, he also won the "Chinese character uncle" title.

in August 2012, because of a micro-blog, "Uncle Chinese characters and fire -" he give everything for Chinese characters currently poor, plus the visa expired, facing the plight of Chinese was forced to leave. He is in Tianjin, hoping to find a job as an English teacher or interpreter, so that he can continue to live and study Chinese characters in china."

"I want to be a Chinese citizen"

"I come back to Tianjin for 5 days, I want to live in China, don’t go back to the United states." February 5, 2012, the day before the Lantern Festival, the American Sears (Richard) on the micro-blog knocked these words, he decided to stay in Tianjin.

, Ruide is Richard · Sears "Chinese characters in Uncle" before the Chinese, helped by expert Li Xiaoding of Taiwan scholars, the Oracle English homophonic and he. He liked the name because he was smart and moral".

is a fan of Chinese culture, after learning Chinese, in his hometown in Tennessee, almost every year to participate in the local celebration of the Spring Festival activities. In his study even close to the new year.

, the Tianjin Chinese Ruide, this is in the Tianjin television station "Chinese" Boke "organized by the China because you are more beautiful" awards ceremony, but after he came to Chinese, suddenly do not want to return to the United States, "in Chinese resident feel good, this is a different place, not is my ordinary Americans in the United States feel, and speak Chinese will stimulate my mind, I need the mind".

although his Chinese is not very fluent, but he likes to go to every place to chat with people in chinese. The Chinese characters fans, this country is full of the unknown, a group of people in the street around a ball or a cow is transported to the city they will let him think in the United States, "you can’t see this, this is interesting".

living in Tianjin, Ruide is very simple, except for sleeping, he spent time in 1/3 online, on their website database through a simple modification and maintenance, occasionally on micro-blog and Facebook, to learn physics, science, technology and war have interesting news. Through a friend, he gives 3