original title: Tencent banned Microsoft wheatgrass God logic: everything can not let WeChat get the benefit of the public, and is bullying

[editor’s note]

IT Time Microsoft wheatgrass launched three days but WeChat has been blocked. Although Tencent gives wheatgrass may involve user privacy, but a discerning eye, you know from the ice body Tencent did not get the expected benefits. In fact, the benefits are second. More importantly, Tencent’s WeChat is to subvert the interests of the communications operators to survive, and how to allow another innovative products to subvert their own. The author of this article tells us that this is in fact the Tencent to prevent their subversion of the excessive defense.


product manager intern tea sister is a masterpiece of big data Microsoft wheatgrass hanging at the age of 0.008!

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from Microsoft (Asia) artificial intelligence chat robot by the Internet Engineering Academy, wheatgrass a collection of 700 million Internet users Chinese accumulated over the years all open chats with 15 million real corpus. Microsoft wheatgrass is WeChat has been blocked. According to the announcement of the Tencent, the main reason is to ban wheatgrass user a lot about "wheatgrass privacy leaks", the WeChat team after verification, Microsoft wheatgrass has simulate user actions to induce the user to pull the group, bulk trash account registration and other violations, in order to protect the user experience and security, according to the WeChat team on the matter platform specification.

in fact, banned Microsoft wheatgrass, WeChat is to prevent the rational choice of OTT.

OTT (Over The Top, pass over the top) is popular in the industry, WeChat is in the coming time, WeChat provides service across the operators. Technically, OTT refers to a variety of data services based on open Internet services, emphasizing the independence of the service and the physical network. By OTT that is piped. From the perspective of economics, large-scale use of other resources to pay each other for little or no pay other costs, its rapid growth but not for other lucrative (or even damage the interests of the other side) behavior is OTT. For example, WeChat allows operators of discontent and fear, is the operator is not from a booming WeChat get much benefit, and a direct threat to WeChat voice, SMS, MMS business operators.

is the Internet community there are many examples of OTT, such as micro-blog’s V, the use of micro-blog micro-blog have influence, it is difficult to find a profit from them; let Alipay in the traditional banking pipeline at the same time, but also the use of the balance of treasure to rob the bank deposit. An initial stage of the development of the platform is to welcome OTT products, OTT products to promote the development of the platform, such as WeChat to promote the growth of data traffic operators, micro-blog V is also popular for micro-blog. Can be developed to a certain stage, the pipeline has become a kind of