iron brother go home in the Spring Festival, there is a sense of the Spring Festival from country to city information has been very obvious from the pay New Year’s call SMS transfer to WeChat, iron brother also wrote that WeChat will replace the mail list, the operator only provides Internet access, while WeChat will completely replace the operator’s SMS and telephone service. Now to his brother iron face, to recover the past conclusion.

actually, WeChat is no problem to replace the address book, and even can be said that the future is bright. But WeChat’s recent policy to make iron brother completely cold heart, that is, the WeChat address book on-line problem.

WeChat mail list of friends can not be more than five thousand people, has spread to raise a Babel of criticism of before. However, no formal notification official in the user is in a rough form of direct action, which is more than five thousand can add friends, circle of friends has more than only information will appear randomly in the five thousand circle of friends of friends.

is the official WeChat after the user finds the problem, only confirmed to reporters the case, of course, is the old-fashioned reason: to prevent excessive marketing.

iron brother against the marketing circle of friends, also has been writing advertising criticism of the so-called circle of friends in the "social dividend", but WeChat official if you have the power to prevent the direct marketing restrictions mail list number? At present, indeed some personal friends of marketing marketing account, use the circle of friends. But iron brother believes that the wind is not long but not in the user space in WeChat official.

for the user, if the circle of friends marketing content can not be tolerated, cancel the attention can be, click Cancel simple and convenient, but not difficult. Of course, can not rule out some marketing information to help users effectively. The marketing content can not kill a stick, should be of false or harassing marketing are eliminated.

step back, even if the official WeChat to ensure that the circle of friends to ensure clean, to prevent excessive marketing only need to use their own platform to monitor abnormal account information. That is, through the posting information and account login and other abnormal circumstances can be used to determine the abnormal information, only need to take measures to the abnormal account. "Guilty inference to limit the number of friends is really a bit Big deal for all accounts.

iron brother are aware of the interests of the matter, why WeChat is also committed to the world does not violate the law and action? Iron brother analysis for the following reasons:

1 WeChat may take membership; modeled QQ members had to limit the number of friends, more than five hundred must buy QQ membership services. WeChat is holding mobile traffic, but the liquidity has not reflected, will not rule out the possibility of a WeChat mail list for more than five thousand members, friends, money can be.

2 to ensure that the circle of friends marketing I can only WeChat; WeChat business group was founded, back up KPI. WeChat in addition to the task of taking the diversion of mobile Jingdong, the capacity of their own blood is the most important. WeChat is also trying to implant marketing ingredients in the circle of friends, such as the map with the public comment. However, according to iron wire reported that the effect is really general