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in the limelight bitcoin finally ushered in the attitude of regulators.

November 20th, people’s Bank of China Deputy Governor Yi Gang to talk about bitcoin in a forum first. Yi Gang said that from the perspective of the people’s Bank, the recent recognition of bitcoin legitimacy. But he also believes that bitcoin trading as a buying and selling behavior on the Internet, ordinary people have the freedom to participate. In addition, Yi Gang also pointed out that bitcoin is very characteristic, with inspiration, individuals will maintain long-term concern.

Yi Gang behind the

position is nearly two weeks China bitcoin market rapidly popular, shows from three domestic bitcoin trading platform BTC okcoin, the largest Chinese and fire currency net data, bitcoin average daily trading volume in November before the 20 day over the same period last month were more than two times the growth.

November 19th, Federal Reserve Chairman Bernanke wrote a letter to the U.S. Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee hearing, said the direct supervision of the fed to that virtual currency, coins and other virtual currencies may have a long-term future ", and that" cautious blessing "attitude. Affected by this, the day bitcoin currency exceeded 8000 yuan.

value of the roller coaster triggered a surge in trading volume

entered in November, bitcoin began to change dramatically. November 1st, the major trading platform bitcoin buying price of about 1 yuan, about $1250, while the number rose to 10 yuan near the yuan. Even more exaggerated is that 18, 19, two days, bitcoin currency began to rise from $3000, and in the 19 to reach the highest point after the rapid decline of $8000, the day closed at $5200. 20 bitcoin continues to decline, as of press time reporter, the basic stability of its currency at about 4300 yuan.

rapid change in the value of bitcoin, while the trading volume of each trading platform has also increased dramatically. China’s largest trading platform BTC China in October the average daily trading volume of 18474.2 bitcoins, while the first two days of November, the data was 56273.3, an increase of 204.6%. 18, 19, 20 days, the average daily trading volume of the platform up to 96373.2 bitcoins, of which the day of the 19 is a breakthrough in the 100 thousand mark on the three.

addition, trading volume ranked second, the three bit okcoin and fire currency network growth is more alarming. Okcoin and fire coins online month average daily trading volume was only 6036.84 and 4943.16 coins, the two figures this month increased to 30645 and 33699.7, an increase of 407.6% and 581.7%, and the two platform 19 transactions have exceeded 60 thousand bitcoin.

according to the data released by the top 10 trading platform, the domestic bitcoin market total 19