the "Wall Street daily" network edition wrote today, although Amazon for third party businesses to improve the exposure rate and sales volume, but will also cause loss of control of enterprise’s brand, and create real profits are very little.

below is the full text of the article:

friend or foe?

many small businesses have come to realize that Amazon is more than just a partner or an enemy.

Michigan Jordan · Jordan (Lindberg) is one of them, he founded 4 years ago, Stardust Memorials specializes in selling urn. About 10% of the company’s $3 million in annual sales comes from Amazon buyers. He would have to pay 15% commission to complete a deal through amazon. "If you say no to Amazon, you’ll turn off an important source of sales." He said.

however, cooperation with this e-commerce platform still contains risks. If it is a fast-growing business, may find themselves competing with Amazon customers.

no Amazon, you can not go online sales. But sellers are also keenly aware that Amazon is also their main competitor." The analysis of e-commerce company Terapeak CEO Kevin · (Kevin North); the North said, using the software of online sellers is about 25 thousand.

The dilemma faced by

merchants is: how do I develop a variety of sources of income, to avoid relying entirely on Amason." Online marketing company Keyword Connects partner Todd · (Todd Bairstow) said Bayer stowe. He added that this is essential to the long-term survival of the enterprise, because Amazon business policy and a slight adjustment of the retail algorithm will have a serious impact on the seller’s sales.

pay high commission

The total number of third party Amazon

platform has more than 2 million, more than doubled in 2006, the number of 1 million. Amazon spokesman said that the majority of sellers will be extracted from sales of 8% to $15% as a commission to pay to the Amazon, but the actual rate is between (PC) to 50% (3D).

third party businesses accounted for more than 40% of the total number of goods last year, amazon. Overall, these third party sellers total sales of goods through the Amazon is about 2 billion, more than doubled in 2013.

Amazon is a technology driven company, we continue to streamline the process of simplifying the Amazon commodity sales." Amazon spokesman Eric · (Erik Fairleigh) said, Amazon order fulfillment is a quality service, allowing all businesses to be >