Phoenix Technology News Beijing on October 10th news, 10 years ago in October 9th (U.S. time), Google bought YouTube for $1 billion 650 million, it has become the most important in the history of the most dazzling, a merger, acquisition or start-up companies. After the merger, the world of science and technology has undergone tremendous changes. Broadband speed, the popularity of smart phones, video has become a huge business, publishers can use video advertising, the platform is divided into advertising. Because of this, Facebook will invest heavily in the video.

YouTube is very large, monthly active users has more than 1 billion, each year, users watch the content on the YouTube equivalent to 46 thousand years. An unofficial report shows that so far, YouTube is still not profitable, although last year the company received $9 billion in revenue. If you look at the size, see it occupied a number of users attention, will understand that although YouTube still burn, but it to Google (or Alphabet) is still a valuable product, it is still the largest online video network end point station.

let’s take a quick look at history today:

How did


YouTube is a former PayPal employee Chad · Hurley (Chad Hurley), Chen Shijun (Steve Chen) and Joe de · Karimi (Jawed Karim) co founded the YouTube, domain name registration in February 15, 2005. At first, YouTube just wanted to imitate Facebook, which is a face-to-face dating site. In fact, YouTube’s ultimate dream is to become a video version of HotOrNot.


earliest YouTube

2006, Joe ·, Karimi said in an interview, said: HotOrNot impressive, it is the first time to design a website where everyone can upload content, anyone else can browse. This is a new concept, because when it comes, the content of the site is the owner of the site."

April 23, 2005, Joe · Karimi uploaded the first video to YouTube, called "Me the Zoo (I’m in the zoo)" (at)". Because the video is a bit of a historical significance, it has been viewed more than 30 million times, even though the video is only about 19 seconds long.

May 2005, YouTube open test, soon became popular. Nike posted a Ronaldinho video, by September 2005, more than 1 million video views, this is the first time more than 1 million hits.