data in 2016 known as the first year, the network broadcast, broadcast platform has reached more than 200, the size of more than 200 million users, some large network broadcast platform registered users, monthly active users billions of dollars over ten million.

in the face of a huge market, in the past year, Tencent, NetEase, YY, unfamiliar street, millet, Youku and other dozens of Internet giants have reached the field of live. It is clear that the real first year before the arrival of the broadcast industry is also experiencing a period of silent accumulation, ushered in a full-blown outbreak in 2016.

platform development history and domestic direct count


and other Internet industry is different, "live" from the start to the outbreak of only 10 years, it has experienced several stages starting period, development period, the outbreak period, has also gone from the show to broadcast the game live, and then to the evolution of Pan entertainment live.

from 2005 to 2013, the webcast market with the Internet evolution mode started, PC end to YY, show six rooms and 9158 as the representative of the well-known broadcast mode. The 2014 and 2015, the webcast market into a new development period, especially the emergence of e-sports game live, under a lot of game player driven network broadcast overnight explosion of red". In January 2014, TV, flag Betta TV synchronous on-line in January 2015; YY game live broadcast in February 2015, renamed dragon tiger; live on-line with the October 2015 and December; panda TV and universal TV has launched the domestic broadcast industry team identified.

2016, the market ushered in a real outbreak of the webcast, the Internet market really into the era of universal. The new year is also a special year after the baptism of the broadcast industry, but also a number of changes.

panda TV, the people of the TV

An industry report

shortly before the show, the broadcast industry echelon distribution has been clear: Betta TV panda TV and the TV, as the first echelon, and the older the live broadcast platform, dragon ball TV, tiger flag in the TV industry in the second tier.

to broadcast platform, anchor and content are the two core assets, the report shows that the panda TV and universal TV, whether it is the industry’s top anchor lineup, or platform produced content, are ranked in the forefront of the industry.


on time, TV and TV are the panda later established less than one year of the show; on the background, Huya formerly known as YY, TV banners behind Zhejiang newspaper media, the Dragon behind Tencent, panda TV and national TV is how to kill the second echelon tight encirclement catch up with several of the


from the perspective of congenital advantages, panda TV due to the national husband Wang Sicong and bring their own attention to Aura