Baidu PPS

disk has been finalized

domestic video industry second acquisitions have been finalized, the industry pattern will face the big reshuffle of the second. Sources told Sina Technology revealed that Baidu’s acquisition of PPS network television (PPS.TV) has been basically settled, the purchase price will be in the range of $3-4. As the industry had to end the speculation, "genuine TV drama content known for Iqiyi (Iqiyi Baidu holding company), is trying to make up for their acquisition in a live television network and client in the field of short board, for future independent IPO to increase leverage.

acquisition has finalized

Baidu’s acquisition of PPS rumors first came out in March this year. At that time, Baidu and PPS at the same time denied the news, especially in terms of PPS publicly denied clarification. However, the multi sources from the industry to prove that in March denied only the two sides in order to divert attention from the release of smoke bombs.

sources to Sina Technology revealed that Baidu’s acquisition of PPS case has been basically settled, the purchase price will be in the range of $3-4 billion. This also means that, in March last year to 100% Youku shares for acquisitions, the video industry will appear second big acquisitions, industry ushered in the second reshuffle.

Baidu and PPS in March denied the acquisition of rumors, at the time it was questioned by many voices in the industry. It is said that when Baidu signed a letter of intent with the PPS (Term Sheet), is about to enter the due diligence stage. Now it seems that these voices questioned than the official denial of PPS closer to the truth of the matter.

last November, Baidu $1 billion 500 million in hairdressing debt. The industry generally believe that the cash flow is sufficient for the acquisition of Baidu bonds. Now, Baidu will buy bonds in addition to abroad in the field of mobile Internet, $1 billion 500 million will have a large part is for Iqiyi business. For about two weeks before Baidu decided to repurchase bonds, private capital investment in Providence (Providence Equity Partner) holds a stake in Iqiyi. After the buyback, originally held a 53% stake in Iqiyi Baidu will have a majority stake in Iqiyi. And if the rumors of the acquisition price is true, the acquisition of PPS will spend $3-4 Baidu.

industry pattern more concentrated

in March last year, Youku potatoes by the acquisition of the domestic video industry on the market share of the first position. Since then, the white hot competition video industry has shown a trend of centralization.

Sina learned from the industry, between the domestic video company purchased in 2011 had been very frequent, and the client company PPTV, PPS and Sohu, as several web companies most contact. At that time