Oriental Morning Post     Intel investment, Dfj investment and Sequoia Capital Chinese yesterday (October 20th) jointly announced on the China e-commerce website good music to buy (OkBuy.com) $17 million. Sequoia Capital also participated in the first round of good music to buy investment.

according to Caixin reported that good music to buy is China’s largest online authentic shoes mall. Founder Lu Ming revealed that the funds will be mainly used for team building, warehousing, goods preparation three aspects.

currently, good music to buy five cities are preparing for the storage center, which is located in Beijing, Guangzhou, the warehouse has been put into operation, is expected to be completed by the end of the year in the layout of the warehouse in five cities.

good music to buy was founded in November 2007, is a focus on the sale of authentic shoes on the Internet site, mainly engaged in international first-line or second-line brand sports shoes.