March 2012, WeChat users break 100 million;

September 2012, WeChat users exceeded 200 million;

January 2013, WeChat users exceeded 300 million;

at the end of October 2013, WeChat users exceeded 600 million


in the face of such a huge user market, you think it’s worth it?

see your opponent in WeChat earned pots full of your heart?

have you ever thought about a few years later you will regret because today’s hesitation and hesitation did not choose to do WeChat marketing?


life is not the lack of opportunities, but the lack of opportunities to find the eyes, the lack of courage to fight for the purpose of life!

today, the mobile Internet trend has been struck, as the entrance of the mobile Internet, WeChat marketing shizaibide; the biggest opportunities of the Internet in ten years, this vertical potential! With the potential to make money, big and thick! With its wings, and a large flag bright! WeChat sea as the first brand Chinese WeChat marketing, not only master the exclusive domestic cloud platform system, more has the only feasible solutions in various industries, the whole industry has not only become the WeChat sea flag leader, became the WeChat marketing word


if you say from a height, WeChat has become the entrance of the mobile Internet and even the Internet of things, the business opportunities during this self-evident. More important is because the development of WeChat public platform, big changes caused by the marketing environment, before stopping at the theoretical level of F2F marketing, with WeChat marketing have become, when many advertisers are still a headache because Taobao, Tmall, Ma Yun has stated publicly, disruptive enough to make Taobao WeChat marketing very uncomfortable.

if the analysis from the actual operation, the WeChat marketing is produced with micro-blog marketing and marketing of the two-dimensional code, or, by means of advertising industry and the advance of social media marketing charm has become increasingly prominent, the traditional advertising model continues to decline, the popularity of mobile Internet, WeChat marketing is the inevitable product of this era.

and considering the research and practice of six months, WeChat marketing is suitable for various industries, from the hotel, a small grocery store as a representative of the local service businesses to the factory, the manufacturing industry, to big brand enterprises and commercial enterprises, WeChat can achieve another its huge role in promoting the business, more importantly, also only WeChat can help businesses to seize the mobile Internet this time.

marketing ecosystem has been subverted, how to seize the best opportunity to change the advertising industry in this era, why do WeChat marketing, has not become a problem, but an opportunity!

  with WeChat popularity rising, more and more enterprises begin to realize the WeChat platform huge marketing value, bluntly said: WeChat will be the next few years the most.