A5 webmaster network (www.admin5.com) September 22nd news, in September 19th for Alibaba is an unusual day. After a long wait, finally this day the Alibaba Group officially listed on the New York stock exchange. Whether queuing grand pre IPO roadshow investors, after the listing or overestimate the value of approximately $200 billion, the Alibaba to the peak.

Ali created the longest opening record for 10 years, more than Twitter minutes of inquiry time record of. During the opening price change 8 times, the trading range also reduced from the original $3 to $1. Finally determined the opening price of 92.70.

the largest IPO in the history of the world, by the enthusiastic pursuit of global investors. Alibaba in September 8th to start a global roadshow, roadshow second days when the subscription has been completed. Wedgewood Partners Fund chief investment officer David Rolfe said that such a popular IPO, they have been waiting for a long time. Alibaba is a great growth story in the next 10-15 years, there will be enough time to learn more about Alibaba.

in honor of the moment, Ma will be central position to the stage of the Alibaba in the ecosystem as a survivor, on the eve of the listed Alibaba, he will CEO the position of its demise for many years and follow Lu Zhaoxi. But everyone knows, even Lu Zhaoxi to the front, the Alibaba is still Ma Yun Alibaba; also, as we all know, really can occupy the dominant position in the Alibaba in the ecological chain is still the Alibaba itself, rather than those who bathed in the light of glory "of small sellers.

Ma Yun also mentioned in the letter to investors 24 times, the ecosystem". He said that Alibaba believes that only to create an open, coordinated and prosperous business ecosystem, so that its members fully involved in order to truly help customers – small and micro enterprises and individual users. As a manager of the ecosystem, the focus, effort, time and energy of the Alibaba are spent on things that can make this ecosystem and its participants more vigorous.

Ma Yun

on the NYSE to the staff shouted: "we want you to focus on the 8 bell when customers, we strive to fifteen years, in order to make them successful. We are not into money, trust."

Alibaba finally listed, second times! Like Ma said, IPO Alibaba like a marriage, married, divorced (Alibaba in Hongkong in 2007 2012 listing, delisting), "we know what is the wedding, the wedding takes time, we don’t care about what time the wedding held, we are concerned with this marriage can beautiful, more durable, can you give yourself and bring happiness to others."

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