According to the

IDC review network survey, from July 5th until July 26th, the fastest growth in the global domain name registrar, the United States swept the top two, Japan ranked third, while still leading the domestic domain name registration Chinese civilink market, ranked fourth.


(Figure 1) 2010.7.5-2010.7.26 global domain name of the fastest growing registrar ranked

from Figure 1, the latest data show that the United States GO DADDY as the world’s largest domain name registrar is still ranked first, and the total net growth of the domain name registrar is much higher than in other countries. While the well-known domain name registrar: Chinese million net, to lead the monthly increase of nearly 50 thousand of the absolute advantage in the global market of domestic domain name registration, domain name registration in the fastest growing business ranked fourth. In the world’s top 20 fastest growing countries, the United States accounted for 7 seats, China accounted for 4 seats.

among them, 55HL.COM China ranked ninth in the data, DNS.COM.CN new network ranked the top sixteenth, while BIZCN.COM business China ranked in the top nineteenth.

through the data, review of IDC network analysis, the domestic domain name market is active, the domain name occupies more and more important position in the global domain name market, which is about to start in August. China "domain name registration is not divided, although we did not start, but" Chinese. "Domain name cybersquatting trend already open many institutions, and banks have been registered". Chinese "domain name. Not only that, after the industry had predicted that the next two years, China will become the second largest in the u.s.. In this regard, we believe that the prospects for the development of China’s domain name market will be a good.

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