The afternoon of October 26th

Sohu it news, Sohu micro-blog hi travel network fish in micro-blog (, one of the famous game portal 7K7K encountered by the Registrar hold, although the record was normal, but the site has been unable to access. The latest record of domain name operations from the evening of 25 points, 11 points. Temporarily unable to learn the specific circumstances. 7K7K game was founded in May 1, 2003, is one of the domestic professional casual games website, collect a wide range of Internet game resources, the angel investor Lei Jun.


7k7k whois information indicates that the user has banned the transfer has been restored access to

according to the latest web site news: the current visit to the 7k7k site has been restored access, click on the game can be a normal game. And almost the same time in the afternoon, micro-blog and friends broke the news of the well-known postal logistics services company STO home page ( was the domain name registrar to stop parsing. The author then queries the domain name whois, found that hold, thousand nets to stop parsing. Its logistics online inquiries and other services affected, temporarily unavailable. It is not clear why the domain name hold, yet to follow up reports.


micro-blog users broke through the domain name to stop parsing


Shen home page Jump 114


time network whois information


time network jump 114

as early as last week there have been news that the domestic professional film information website time network ( can not be normal access. Prior to visit the time network, the home page is displayed above the site maintenance, click on the inside page Jump 114. This afternoon I visited the time network again, the home page has been unable to access the domain name whois information display has been resolved. Time information network has the authority of the film, similar to the IMDB, for the majority of Internet users to provide online movie information browsing and search services, and provide personal homepage, blog, web albums to create and build virtual social circle through a personal homepage contact online network service. The reason analysis of the domain name to stop may be related to recent well-known website content, website hold event bursts, indicating whether a new round of large-scale web site remediation has been pointing to