January 12th. URL domain name registration and management agencies in the network ". The story will be held" forum, celebrate. URL domain name to become the world’s largest Chinese generic top-level domain.

according to the third party data show. URL domain name open only 5 months, the global registration has exceeded 200 thousand, ranked first in the world in the Chinese gtlds.

net (knet.cn) chairman Mao Wei analysis said, is a "web site." the domain name itself is very commercial value. URL domain name is very suitable for Chinese surfing habits, easy to remember and easy communication, both at home and abroad. Browsers support direct access to web sites "domain name, the Internet is more convenient; two in innovation the domain name development mode. URL domain name + mobile service one-stop service has been recognized by the market, enterprises have registered for use, including many well-known domestic and foreign enterprises and institutions.

ICANN Beijing Cooperation Center Director Song Zheng said, "the mode of development. Web + mobile service very innovative in global domain development in the hope that the network can introduce the successful experience at the ICANN conference.

it is understood that in April 2012, the first submitted to the ICANN. URL domain name application. Because foreign institutions have also applied. URL domain name, after several rounds of fierce bidding, the final cost 10 million yuan ". URL domain name. December 2014. Website domain name approved by the Ministry of industry and information technology, into China’s domain name system.

"web site" domain name on August 2014 officially opened to register, just 5 months to register the amount exceeded 200 thousand, becoming a dark horse in the global domain name market in 2014.

professor Xue Hong, director of the center for Internet policy and law, Beijing Normal University, said the mobile Internet on the web site and other domain names are very large demand.