from the telephone line internet era began at the China Internet Sohu now has more than ten years, from its development path on a Sohu to go back the road of development. The inside reason: the Sohu internal work is too poor, what things are wonderful for insufficient foreplay.

was ousted boss

on Sohu, a very interesting phenomenon is that in many ways it is in front, but wait until it wants to play the role of the boss, but was born, born to pull down. For example:

98 Sohu in the search based on the classification of the introduction of Sohu, Baidu does not know where, the result of China’s search industry is Robin Li.

01 years Sohu launched the first wireless value-added services, Tencent was hit in the hand I figure case! This fertile land has become a drag on industry Sohu.

launched 03 years of online games, knight online trying to move back to the land lost by NetEase, Knight of the temperature does not let the fire completely frustrated Sohu.


in the wireless business, search, online games and other aspects of frequent attacks, but in the end are not satisfactory. In countless IM, online games, search companies continue to highlight the Chinese Internet, Sohu brand advantage in a step by step loss. Do not become the boss of the Sohu also began its backward forward.

known as the technical flow, the business is flawed

Sohu is a technology-based company, which is the location of the Sohu Zhang Zhaoyang earlier in the year, like a circle after the need for their own farming will harvest, Sohu has its own advanced technology. From once let Zhang Zhaoyang most proud of the three business to the original online games "Denon eight", boasts the technology of high content is always he was bragging, unfortunately, even if not profitable technology into capital is rubbish.

Sohu mailbox: the keyword index can only be used to identify other spam mailbox is not available.

but placed in front of the fact that NetEase mailbox is the largest user of free e-mail service providers, users to improve the viscosity of the NetEase to help expand the enterprise user base, mail business profits rising.

search engine: in 06 years, Zhang Zhaoyang once again announced Sogou traffic to more than a year and a half after Baidu, but it depends on technology, rather than advertising

results are now Sogou 3, but from the latest release of Sohu’s second quarter earnings report, paid search Revenue $1 million 800 thousand, down 50% over the same period last year, down from the previous quarter of 16%. This means that once the number one Sohu focused on the development of the business as a dog in trouble, let alone more than Baidu.

search Q: Zhang Zhaoyang had declared to the industry: Sohu IM (instant messaging) software – Search Q, but also completely independent of the development and foreign IM business together >