because the money is good, or because time is worth mentioning, or because of the limitations of personal ability, in short, now the choice of partners are more and more entrepreneurs. However, the partnership venture is also very prone to a variety of contradictions. In fact, want to get a successful partnership, there are still a lot of business secrets. So, what are the secret of success Manicure opened shop?

Although the

Manicure store investment is not big, but a little personal investment and assistance, it is more of a force, so the person is no longer a minority partner shop. But too familiar with many problems, such as unclear responsibilities, how to avoid these problems? Here are some startng Manicure store business know-how for investors.

1, keep communication channels smooth

regular meetings to discuss the recent Manicure store operating conditions, such as business transformation, enterprise performance and job responsibilities. It’s important meeting, everyone can speak their minds, to give advice and suggestions Manicure store management.

2, clear roles and responsibilities

as a Manicure store partner, very often we will have two ideas, one is the Manicure shop is the "I", so all the things I have to store Manicure interference; the other one is I just open Manicure investment shop, do not understand the operation, so just wait for the money is good. In fact, these two ideas are not desirable, a partnership should begin clear roles and responsibilities, play each person’s ability to help the smooth operation of Manicure shop.

3, clear financial data

Many contradictions and disputes between

partners are from the financial accounting confusion, so must put attention to financial accounting Manicure shop. If Manicure shop is small, you can choose a financial between yourself and partner, if it is a large Manicure shop, may be the introduction of a qualified accountant.

4, reasonable salary system

in addition to partner, some Manicure shop investors will hire relatives and friends, at this time, not because of the relatives and friends or just pay and benefits, reasonable salary system based on the average market is conducive to Manicure store internal harmony.

5, strict selection partner

don’t let him get into a relationship because he or she has a very strong relationship with him, even if he is not fit to be a partner. Open shop Manicure partner, ability is the key. If the partner’s work is not satisfactory, or let him become trained, or can only let him leave.