many shopkeepers know to do service work, however, once something happens, often can not be done for this service, and for customers, often is these small details, directly affect a customer for the owner’s view, further affect the business of the shop. So, the owner of good service, is also in the details need to pay attention to the shopkeepers.

business case: Wang retired at home but Zhang Guangting Street retail customers there old customer. But in a period of time is not to see him here to buy things, the Wang family is a big family, a ten month export consumption is very impressive, so lost customers can be said to be a big loss for Zhang Guangting. Why?

The original

, a month ago, Wang to buy things, Zhang boss is busy with the two do not know the customer to Lao Wang hanging on the side, and Pharaoh and was in a hurry, hurry several times a boss is the two finally completely indifferent, do not know the meaning of the customer has to goods the price, make Zhang Guangting very angry. After two people go, his attitude to Lao Wang was changed, and the tone is also very unfriendly. Although Wang bought something, but it is very depressing to walk, after never entered his home shop door. Zhang boss regret it.

case analysis: the case is very representative, we have a lot of retail customers to serve the customers in the process, due to various reasons, not only left some customers, but will not mind quickly with customers, service attitude is not friendly. You know, customers buy goods at the same time, is to enjoy your service, not your "punching bag" modern shopping is very convenient, a small mistake, may make your business becomes passive.

Zhang boss example is obvious. When we receive a customer, we must remember that we should not neglect other customers. If it is inseparable from the body attitude must be modest, from time to time with some "please wait a moment" and "very sorry" language lets the customer know that you are concerned about him. Although the customer a bit impatient, but at your attitude, they will not go away.

peer words: retail business is in service, in the process of customer service, not only is the greetings Guazaizuibian talk, greeting greetings, emotions must be correct can be put in place, let the customer know that you are indeed wholeheartedly service.

we can imagine, when we can’t do it, and you do it, then the customer will have a kind of feeling, and vice versa. Good service in detail. To provide a high quality service in the real sense, you can definitely make the customer loyalty to your store has been greatly improved.