now, give up to work alone venture investors very much, but some people do business easy to get rich, some people lose lose, the reason is not certain skills, we have a look today, do business to grasp what skills?

1, independent thinking, judgment, choice, the psychological quality of action

2, good communication, cooperation, the quality of the heart buried

3, dare to act, dare to take risks, dare to struggle, courage to bear the consequences of the psychological behavior of the quality

in the spring tide of market economy, opportunities and risks coexist; as long as engaged in business activities, there must be some risks, and the cause of scale is larger, the greater the success, with the greater the risk, need to bear the risk of psychological burden is greater. To start, must be daring, courageous and knowledgeable, can become the ideal into reality. As long as the target, according to the judgment, the method is appropriate, should dare to practice, dare to take risks.

on target to start, select the cause of risk-taking psychological quality also called bravity. Dare to people for the cause always shows a positive mental state, is constantly looking for new starting point and timely action, confident, decisive, bold and adventurous spirit; when the opportunity arises, often can arouse the psychological impulse.