is different from many beautiful women’s clothing, underwear is more comfortable, not beautiful or not. In short, underwear as a personal thing, its quality is directly related to women’s comfort and health. Good underwear products, not only reflected in the health, comfort, fashion and many other aspects, but also a manifestation of inner beauty. As an important part of fashion, consumers have a higher pursuit of underwear products. The breakdown of the moment China on the market many brands of underwear, underwear brand products has been the consensus and recognition in the minds of consumers. So, underwear which brand is good? May wish to make a small series to reveal the top ten Chinese underwear brand list.

ten Chinese lingerie brands NO1- love Aimer

1993 in March 8th, "love" was born in the Chinese capital of Beijing and the full implementation of brand management strategy, ten years has built a marketing network all over the country, mainly in the large and medium-sized shopping malls opened more than and 300 image counters, sales ranked the forefront of the industry. With exquisite, fashionable, elegant and fusion of eastern and Western culture of the original design for women to create the United States, the transmission of love, to show the attitude of the female charm.

ten China underwear brand ranking NO2- Embry Embry

Hongkong Embry underwear brand, founded in 1975, from early 90s to enter the domestic market, not only is the women’s underwear suppliers, more successfully established a high quality, diversified "Embry EmbryForm", "Fandecie Fendishi" brand series of underwear. Product design fashion, the production of sophisticated, for women of all ages to provide underwear products across the board. Embry underwear with its elegant and fashionable style, by the majority of female consumers through the comfort, health, the concept of continuous innovation.

ten Chinese underwear brand ranking NO3- maniform

1996 years, Manifen opened the first counter in Beijing, through a thorough understanding of consumer demand, on this basis, constantly adjust product services, so that it is more paste to meet the needs of consumers. Its integration of innovation and fashion, in order to enhance the charm of women, the brand mission, and women consumers have a strong resonance. Maniform underwear to reflect the feminine charm, hedonism, charisma and drama brand value, for the female plug in the wings, let the charm of women from the inside to the outside to be sublimated, irresistible.

ten China underwear brand ranking NO4- urban beauty

is the first urban beauty to create fast fashion underwear brand, to help every urban women realize the life desire to create amazing fashion underwear. Up to now, in the first line, second line and three line more than and 800 >