user is in the process of entrepreneurship boss, only to establish good relations of cooperation for them, to ensure the development of entrepreneurial companies, of course, not all entrepreneurs are better able to serve the users. Many startups fail because of users.


only respect the user, you can go beyond the user.

1.Rdio (digital music service provider)

The problem with

Rdio is that it’s too early to consider the problem of sustainable development. A typical mistake of startups is that they worry too much about whether they can make a profit, but in fact they have not yet entered the period of rapid development. This is also a problem in such a business model, because the content licensing agreement, the company can operate room is limited. No matter what we do, a large portion of the revenue goes to the record company. You have to use a large number of users to make up for it, which is why you can see Spotify to spread all over the world.

2.Selltag (used trading platform)


4.Why  Own  It