is now an era of innovation and entrepreneurship, in an era of this background, local governments have held some people to promote and facilitate innovation and entrepreneurship training, but also in line with the new theme of the whole community of entrepreneurship and innovation.

"countryside" training – training "Caravan" into the town. In August this year, the training of "Caravan" into the red Township grass town. The hope for the employment of 52 migrant workers. I saw in the "Caravan" training site, training villagers enroll according to their employment intention of meal". To facilitate learning, on-site staff training and teacher training is divided into chef, tailor, welding and other training group, and the use of popular and humorous language for the villagers to explain patiently. "Do not have to go out of the village, do not spend a penny, you can learn skills, no longer worry can not find a job." A staff said excitedly after training.

"innovation" training, business training to promote entrepreneurship. Before half a month are not a single, now I did not expect to get back on the two orders, I am very grateful to the Department of labor and employment to give me the opportunity to participate in the electricity supplier training, so I realized the entrepreneurial dream." The first phase of the electricity supplier business training students bear mr.. This year’s first e-commerce training was held in April, a total of 42 intended to engage in e-commerce and have the ability to operate the computer age workers to participate in training. Course content to take "theory + practice" teaching methods, focusing on e-commerce specialty marketing and online maintenance, to help students master the knowledge of e-commerce operations. Through the holding of the new electricity supplier training, led 10 students engaged in electronic commerce, and with the help of the teacher, successfully opened e-commerce shop selling tea, duck and local specialty kumquat etc..

"docking" training — business park orientation training. To grasp the business park orientation training, enhance the park enterprise new employees the occupation skill level, the Suichuan County People Club departments to actively take the training body, security zone, labor and employment departments three triage mode in Simon Group, Jinyang electronics, Yihua timber and other key enterprises in the park to carry out targeted training. The training includes theoretical and practical training in the operation of the two part, mainly to the actual operation, the training time and the content of the actual requirements by enterprises according to the production situation, position and level of staff skills to decide, County Bureau of labor and employment to supervise the whole process of training, organization and evaluation. So far, more than 2500 new employees in the business park orientation training, the training and employment of the "seamless", do the "skills" and "employment promotion" two, and meet the production needs of enterprises in the park.