investment business has a very high cost, it is a fact that the current investment market to realize however, if we can master the relevant plan, is to reduce the cost of the shop. In short, the store rent, inventory costs, channel costs, promotional costs, these four major costs can be achieved through a number of ways to cut costs, so as to help operators in a favorable position in price promotions.

low rent shops hide law. The first is the government dedicated to provide shops for entrepreneurs, not only cheap rent, but also not low traffic. The premise is that the operator to the government under the jurisdiction of the entrepreneurial center to participate in training, after graduation can apply for the corresponding shops. If the operator is engaged in the business of the shop area requirements in general, it is recommended to choose to open a shop in the office. In the first tier cities, for example, the same area of shops, office rents are cheaper than commercial street shop 2/3. In addition, you can choose some of the new industrial park, not only low rent, but there are many preferential policies.

warehouse in urban and rural joint. The proposed operator in urban high rental houses as a warehouse. In a second tier cities, for example, the rent is cheaper than the official warehouse 1/3 to 1/2, and the urban and rural areas convenient transportation, transportation is very convenient.

consignment to reduce channel costs. In addition to the form of the use of online sales, it is recommended to take the operator to send sales approach, the goods will be entrusted to a merchant sales, businesses can be sold to get a certain amount of commission. The biggest advantage of this approach is to save a lot of entry fees.

a variety of free advertising. At present, there are a lot of low input advertising carriers, such as blog, micro-blog, bus card sets, campus tables, enterprises and institutions, as well as colleges and universities posters bar, etc.. These carriers not only wide audience, and the investment is not high, suitable for the campaign for price promotions.

cost control properly, then the long-term operation of the store will have a very big help. However, for many entrepreneurs, how to control the cost has become a very annoying thing. Then, the above Xiaobian introduced these strategies, now you know how to control the cost of the shop?