in our life for the people’s economic strength has a clear appraisal, usually by Hurun to reveal the economic strength. In October 13th, the "2016 Hurun Report" issued, the concern is that this time on the list, there are 80 young people from Zhengzhou, Henan ranked in the rich list twelfth. You have 2016 Hurun in? Henan 39 rich list, the following we specifically understand.

Henan 39 people boarded the Hurun list

it is understood that the "2016 Hurun Report" a total of 2056 entrepreneurs on the list, 179 more than last year, the total number of the list doubled over three years ago. The top 10 list threshold increased by 20% over last year, reaching $78 billion. Wang Jianlin and his family to 215 billion yuan wealth to become the richest man in China for the third time. Ma Yun and his family 205 billion keep up to second. Ma Huateng 165 billion rose from 1 to third.

in this list, corporate headquarters in Henan, a total of 39 billionaires list. Hualan (002007, shares) and the family, with 20 billion 500 million of the wealth of the Henan summit in Hu Run’s new richest man, ranked 112nd, compared with last year, ranking 21, wealth value compared with last year rose 21%. Mrs. Qin Yinglin this year to 18 billion 500 million of the wealth value ranking of Henan’s second richest man, ranked Hurun Report 127th. Senyuan electric (002358, shares) chairman Chu Jinfu to 12 billion of the wealth ranking Henan Regal third, ranked 241st.

80 young people first appeared in the Henan rich list

in the list of the 39 richest in Henan, there are 9 new rich. Surprisingly, this year’s Henan rich list, the first appearance of 80 figure. Only 34 years old, Sheng Group chairman of the board of directors, kindford home President Lu Yibo to the wealth of 4 billion yuan in Henan’s twelfth richest man, ranking the 997th Hurun report.

Lu Yibo is the whole area of Henan topped the Hurun list only a 80, is the Hurun list since the announcement, Henan province only a 80 rich in recent years. In the list of 2056 entrepreneurs, 80 entrepreneurs less than last year, only about 56 of the top 70. The average age of the whole list this year is 53 years younger than last year.

looked at 80 young people boarded the Hurun Report in 2016, is really anyone who ah! What are your plans for your wealth in the future? Do you have confidence on the Hurun list? It is reported that the Hurun Report is tracking the authority to record the changes Chinese entrepreneurs, born in recommended by