in our lives we can often see that in some difficult areas, usually the community will take positive measures to help, but the quality of these things is ignored! Sichuan Meishan City Dongpo Industrial and Commercial Bureau Bureau recently seized a number of inferior cotton coat, and this batch of 2840 inferior cotton coat was prepared to the local mountain condolences to the poor people. After investigation, this batch of goods including quilts and cotton coat, the Dongpo District Civil Affairs Bureau to the Meishan city agricultural products wholesale company procurement, and commissioned Meishan Fiber Inspection Institute of shopping information detection.

it is reported that in December 26th last year, launched the "Meishan Industrial and Commercial Bureau Hongdun Jubilee action 2017" special action, intensify regulation on the livelihood of key commodities and special sampling. During the period, the city Industrial and Commercial Bureau Dongpo Dongpo District Civil Affairs Bureau Bureau received complaints, said the Bureau ordered a batch of "going to the grassroots, warmth campaign material quality problems.

Meishan City Dongpo Industrial and Commercial Bureau Bureau immediately organized the investigation of law enforcement officers. Test results show that cotton coat fiber identification (filler) project does not meet the GB/T2662-2008 standard. In addition, law enforcement officers found this batch of cotton coat belongs to no name, no site, no certificate of the "three noes" of products, according to the provisions of the first paragraph and second paragraph of "product quality law" article twenty-seventh, marks on the products or the packages must be true, a certificate of product quality inspection, product name, logo Chinese the name and address of the manufacturer.

send timely assistance of counterfeit goods seized, Meishan inferior cotton coat, let us suddenly feel full of coolness, but the various departments in strengthening supervision at the same time, also need to help poor people have a good winter! Meishan city Industrial and Commercial Bureau Dongpo branch sampling inspection of cotton coat according to relevant regulations, the sampling result is not qualified. The administration seized substandard cotton coat a total of 2840, worth 340 thousand and 800 yuan. Currently the case is under further investigation. Dongpo District civil affairs departments have to purchase qualified clothes sent to the hands of the masses of grassroots poverty.

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