the owner’s character is different, and the degree of humor in the process of getting along with customers will be different. In fact, if you want to let the shop business is hot, hot commodities in the business process, may wish to use humor, I believe the business operators is a big help.

"boss, do you sell Yuxi tobacco?" Dressed in a very neat beauty asked.

"yes, how much?"

, give me one! How much is it?"

"two hundred and twenty yuan."

"so expensive! I heard a friend say that the smoke is not one hundred and ninety? How to sell so expensive? You don’t want to bid, give you one hundred and ninety get."

"Oh, beauty, this can not be. If you help me pay the rent, I might consider selling you one hundred and ninety!" I smiled and said.

"why?" Beauty puzzled asked.

"hehe! It is not a penny earned one hundred and ninety of the rent, who will bear? Besides, look at the beauty of the dress, it should be a work of the bar! Say so, you know the office workers to wages, my salary? There is no money business, I must drink the northwest wind lingshouhu?" I joked with beauty.

"no"! Boss, you are so happy humor miles!" A bright smile on her face.

"as sure as a gun."

"well, up to you, but you don’t sell cigarettes to me!" Beauty in advance to knock the alarm.

I took out a cigarette smoke from the Yuxi counter, pointing to the smoke on the encoding said: "beauty, you see, the smoke box hit encoding 6179, this is a sign of my shop, if the smoke has a problem, you can always come to me." I treasure a commitment to beauty.

"Oh, with this encoding should not be false, you giggle PIHA face, to do things very seriously." Get beauty exaggeration, my heart.

"I sell a carton of cigarettes each will give customers a clear hint, lest the customer have doubts, which is to ensure that I sell sell is a real cigarette, rather than cigarettes. Will you please rest assured, I will never do those shoddy, detrimental to their reputation."

"with your promise, I’m relieved."." The beautiful woman said happily after carrying the smoke