"iron rice bowl" era has ended, for now more people, the market is the opportunity, not many people will be willing to stay in a place for life. Thus, the public institutions are also more and more entrepreneurs. Under the current entrepreneurial boom, the country is also a strong support for the public institutions of entrepreneurship. Zhenjiang on the introduction of relevant policies to encourage people to carry out business related institutions, thereby promoting the development of the whole Zhenjiang venture.

yesterday, the reporter learned from the city and Social Council, I formulated the "Zhenjiang city to encourage universities, research institutes and other institutions of professional and technical personnel of innovation concerning personnel management implementation measures", professional and technical personnel in Colleges and universities, scientific research institutes in the preparation, can be active or undergo entrepreneurship.

"approach" clearly defined in the unit to stimulate innovation and entrepreneurial vitality, and promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements. Should hold out and the screening unit of professional and technical personnel, scientific research projects or patent achievements in Colleges and universities and scientific research institutes, evaluation and analysis of science and technology enterprises docking, to achieve the transformation of the feasibility of active and relevant enterprises to discuss cooperation and effective docking.

arranged by the unit, technical personnel in the relevant enterprises part-time, participate in project cooperation, entrepreneurship. The signing of the three party agreement units and professional and technical personnel, the relevant enterprises, the job performance, entrepreneurial enterprises and the content of the work tasks, wages and benefits, assessment and management of the three party, the rights and obligations of ownership and distribution and terms to be agreed by the parties, the contract amendment related terms. Part-time, participate in project cooperation in business professional and technical personnel by the unit and the enterprise management in the unit management, and its performance in entrepreneurial enterprises as an important basis for the annual assessment and appraisal period.


does poineering work from professional and technical personnel, the units and departments agreed and signed a contract or agreement, with scientific research projects and achievements, to undergo enterprises carrying out innovation and entrepreneurship or independent businesses. To undergo a period of not more than 3 years, appeared in the post period contract the contract period expires, according to the agreed deadline postponed departure.

served as the unit of the middle and above leadership positions in professional and technical personnel, in accordance with the provisions of the appointment after resigned from the leadership positions, professional and technical personnel to undergo personnel occupation identity from business, staffing freeze in its use of off period. As the staff does poineering work from personnel to participate in professional and technical titles and posts grade promotion, development and transformation of science and technology achievements, as an important basis for the assessment of professional titles.

According to the

policy interpretation provides the city community sector, in addition to universities, research institutes, professional and technical posts in our city as the main institutions of professional and technical personnel, with research projects and results from enterprise to carry out innovation and entrepreneurship or independent businesses, with the permission of the institution, can be implemented according to these measures. < / recommendation