now, flowers have become one of the essential commodities to express their love, the market is very broad, and therefore attracted a lot of attention to franchisees. But what are the precautions of the flower shop? The focus is on the need to master technology, select lots, store layout, familiar with the market, business strategy, etc..  

1. fresh flower; flower is a technology, is an art, and as a shop needs life etiquette flower, one must master the package and arranging flowers; to understand what flowers flower, what people, what occasions what flowers, opening flowers, wedding, while to learn professional florists, while through the arrangement of books, you can order flowers slowly Practice makes perfect., people for the first time you pack the bouquet approved to decide whether he will become your old customer. Followed by the flowers you must be fresh, do business and be honest as a man!

2.   flower shop location; flower industry retail profits in 50% – 70%, retail profits sufficient to meet a month’s rent, staff wages, tax expenditure of hydropower. From this point of view, it should be in the hospital, next to the hotel, studio or entertainment city, avoid in June to September effect on the performance of the season. Considering the expansion of zero performance, because the wholesale margin of about 10% – 30%, can be selected in the shop wholesale flower market street, or the shop is relatively concentrated areas. In September to May of the second year of the season, all the flower shop, flowers are your customers, because the customer shopping psychological and wholesale volume, the price is cheap, you will get a lot of people can’t get business. At the same time, you can also strive for other stores to become your wholesale customers.

3.   flower shop store decoration shop decoration; mainly embodied in the word "rich multicolored decorations", in order to achieve this goal, as long as a way, it is more a reflection function of the glass, so the space is large, a flower two flowers, a bouquet of flowers also turned into two of course, spent, in order to reflect the beauty of the flowers, the color of the light is also very important, suggestions may be appropriate to choose pink lamp ornament, but avoid light is too strong, accelerate the decline of flowers. If you do wholesale business, consider the key to decorate the store to backyard vestibule, used as a warehouse, in order to reduce the cost of renovation. What are the considerations of