‘s own retail stores around with other retail stores, this competition is not too can hardly be avoided, causing owners panic, however, if you open a big supermarket, the shop for business development is a very big blow. My name is Zhang Yubin, my friends shop grocery stores in Fujian County of Xiamen Industrial Zone, due to the economic downturn, the flow of people 09 years of Community streets, significantly less than before.

recently opened a new shop near a large supermarket, a lot of people and I went grocery business, here are affected, well scraped, poor even this. At first, I was also very worried, then think about the advantages of supermarkets, grocery stores have their own strengths, in the face of this situation, might as well start from the way to improve the business, so I took some methods:

efforts to do a good job of neighborhood relations, cultivate popular

I ordered some newspapers and magazines in the shop and put out the coffee table. Some of the elderly, young man will to the village shop to see the newspaper, bubble tea, chat, I buy to buy cigarettes, popularity is prosperous.

as far as possible door-to-door

traditional grocery store to attract customers, to facilitate the licensing. I can’t buy the small supermarket chain for door-to-door service weakness, I will shop free door-to-door service and delivery calls carried out extensive publicity in the residential area. In order to expand the impact, I took some publicity measures:

fine print name card, the above stated store business scope, delivery, location, telephone contacts and other content.

and neighborhood committees in the residential area on the bulletin board with the way of news reports to promote the convenience of small shops initiatives, through the authority of the neighborhood committee recommended to enhance visibility.

in front of the store and delivery service measures will call signs written in the form, advertised, Valet shopping, door-to-door. Because we all live in the same community, bow to see the rise, even a lot of children are aware of me, I do these delivery convenience services, many residents of the district and I am more familiar with the.

actively collect information, do business corner

I usually chat in the process and customers pay great attention to collecting information, understand the customer’s personality, hobbies, cigarette consumption habits, so how to order the cigarette, cigarette sales, will introduce new products targeted. Many young people to smoke are more curious, so I have to pay special attention to every new, I would ask the tobacco companies listed the new customer manager to promotional materials to recommending. In general, if the customer received the new taste, next time with the money to buy cigarettes I will also go to the store to buy.