we know that the automotive industry is now very promising investment potential, is the gold plate. So, how to make the car beauty shop to make money? Car beauty shop business affected by many factors, including the decoration is the most critical factor.

1, his position written in the head, let the owners know you probably do what. For example, your sign is XX XX automotive supplies automotive beauty shop, supermarket, XX auto repair center, so that your position is very clear, customers will know what you are, you won’t want to come here for dinner.

2, his project to write in the door, let the owners know you specific what to do. An owner of a flat tire on the road, and hurry, saw your store written automotive beauty, car interiors, car modification and several other projects, there is no repair, then other shops usually the customer will choose around, if you have this business, because there is no written, it would be a pity missed a customer.

3, don’t forget to install the camera at the gate, not just for security, can also help you identify the customer, such as shooting to the car through the camera, so as to identify whether customers door, the clerk can immediately make measures to let customers feel surprise.