this year the play is creative, no matter what the industry needs to have creative elements to get everyone’s attention on the inside to open a Ironi Home Furnishing stores, by the headquarters of the management plan, let investors better manage Ronnie Home Furnishing stores, and Ronnie Home Furnishing joined the headquarters and the combination of traditional essence into modern the popular elements of the traditional furniture has become particularly distinctive, Ronnie Home Furnishing join headquarters can not only improve the traditional furniture selling point, also has a modern flavor, since Ronnie Home Furnishing stores into the furniture market, quickly started the fame among consumers, consumers become warm after great furniture, Ronnie Home Furnishing to join a new sales model caused by the dealer’s attention.

Ronnie Home Furnishing to join a new sales model caused by dealers attention, Ronnie joined the Home Furnishing depending on the product quality of life for the enterprise, with a responsible attitude to consumers, continuous innovation, strive to improve the quality of products, has always been committed to providing consumers with more health, environmental protection custom furniture products. Ronnie Home Furnishing joined the complete product line, product line complete, covering the bedroom, study, living room, cloakroom series. Ronnie home to join the company to introduce a comprehensive European production and quality testing system, with almost demanding testing standards to ensure product quality and stability of the perfect.

from the production process of advanced furniture, Cengcengbaguan to raw materials from the professional production team; excellence, strict quality standards to the final inspection, Ronnie Home Furnishing joined to their own actions at the same time, Ronnie Home Furnishing joined with the plate manufacturer three, Asia’s first world before the Asian group formed a strategic partnership.

2011, Ronnie Home Furnishing joined in the whole wardrobe industry first adopted a comprehensive E0 Daya health board, for consumers to create a world-class health custom furniture products, leading the industry trend of environmental health. Italian Ronnie home to join the product has reached the level of export of European E0 environmental standards, and through the world’s most stringent SGS testing.

entrepreneurs working with such big brands can be as much as possible to reduce the risk of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial path is no longer a person of the direct cost of fight a lone battle, Ronnie joined the Home Furnishing furniture and not much increase or slightly reduced a little. And Ronnie Home Furnishing elate franchise development prospects and growth more furniture. So, Ronnie Home Furnishing store furniture is representative of the new development of the traditional furniture. Ronnie home to join the new sales model to attract the attention of dealers, investors are worth investing in

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