customers are different, and they get along with the process of taking the attitude will be different. If it is a talkative customers, the owners do not have to worry about, but some customers not only do not love to talk, even in peacetime conversation is cold. So, if the shop to do business, how to meet the cold customers?

has such a customer, every time to buy cigarettes are overcast with a face. Because it is long, adjacent is very close, I also know him 7 yuan long smoke cigarettes, so every time I see the money. Take 7-10 yuan money is to buy 1 boxes, 14-20 yuan is the box, and sometimes he took 50 yuan, I have to ask, "is to be a box of 2?" "" "" "" "" """ "What to do, smoke can not sell out, hard to 2 boxes, to a box." Strong customer response.

sometimes take 100 yuan, or a tentative question, this time to buy a few boxes?" "How, do you want to buy something?" Listen to his answer, my heart is really blocked ah, but can not offend not, after all, is a frequent visitor. I would like to ask, in the face of the customer how should I receive it?

The main symptoms of

cold cold heart block

off this customer

The main flavor prescription

installed more confused

laughing foolish foolishly

cold guest speech like sword


centripetal puncture

If the


has installed

see how he performs

see the above question in a word, not to let the author like the heart, can not offend customers, this sentence is good. This represents a psychological, but also represents a business philosophy. Customers inside, whether it is shopping, or seek help the owner, whether it is hot or cold words, we as owner, not to offend customers. There are degrees of enthusiasm, we are liberal and dignified is recognized by customers and make it back to the magic weapon of choice. You can do this, my paradise gave you the clap.

look back and think about what we have to do with our customers. No Customers are coming to the door to send money, since seeing this, we can know that we can not offend customers, we can not offend the people who sent us money, this idea is how good.

but on this special customer, see each other’s Yin long face, listening to each other can choke, blocking the heart this feeling is very normal. But this is normal and contains some abnormal, what is not normal. Blocking the heart feeling. Why is your heart blocked, because the customer is not good to listen to, why customers do not speak well, because it is the habit of others. Since it is the habit of others, you use the habit of others to block your own heart, is not a bit abnormal ah. < >