in the pace of life continues to accelerate today, fast food is undoubtedly very popular with people, compared to western style fast food, nutrition and fast changing Chinese fast food is highly respected. How about Chinese fast food? The market is broad, the prospect is considerable, is favored by the franchisee, is not allowed to miss the good business opportunities. Run a popular Chinese fast food franchise, some skills to master, for your inventory.

must first have a correct market positioning

There are many factors that influence the success and failure of a

, but the most critical factor is the market positioning. Market positioning of catering must be located from the dining location, business environment, consumer groups, based on extensive analysis on the market survey, according to the market, consumer demand and competition characteristics, advantages, strengths and comprehensive investigation, make accord with the positioning of the enterprise products, do business feasible. The positioning of the service and consumer requirements coincide, several positioning and consumption levels are basically the same, dining environment and guest request level match, at the same time to break the unity of the market positioning, and strive to multiple levels, not only have the dominant position and orientation also have non dominant. Enterprises in the choice of the main target market, but also from the actual choice of a number of market segments as the enterprise can compete for the market, as far as possible to meet the needs of several consumer groups. To throw in a price not to relax, look for a market without changing business ideas, change to a market, a consumer group practice.

In addition the market positioning of

should be dynamic positioning, to change the traditional manufacturing circumstances, immutable and frozen, and change, with the market to follow the market, flexible operation market atmosphere. And according to the re study the market changes timely, decisive and determined new position, broaden their horizons, and constantly adjust the market structure, take the initiative to adjust the market structure, actively seize the market, constantly introducing new models, new varieties, new services, new features increase seizes the market share.

choose a good shop location

open restaurant location to be accurate: restaurant location selected the basic success of half. As for how the site, it is necessary to do a good job in their own store product analysis. Basically need to make clear analysis of their audience. Understand their own market positioning, to guide them to what is positioning ready, the market will follow.

should pay attention to the word of mouth effect, unremittingly good product quality and service quality

due to the cost of the small and medium sized catering and capital is not too strong hotel is generally not for TV ads or large newspaper advertising, large restaurants and sometimes as part of advertising, we recognize that advertising is to a certain extent, but completely rely on the role of advertising is not enough. So >