although many people may not have truly entered the restaurant consumption, however, as can be seen from appearance, but very elegant restaurant decoration. After all, the teahouse, since ancient times is that people relax, can be said to create warm atmosphere can give customers a comfortable feeling. No matter how the restaurant decoration only by customers love is the success of decoration, in order to make Business Flourishes. Therefore, in the decoration of the restaurant owner will spend some time. Look at the six principles of restaurant decoration design should follow.

restaurant decoration design should follow the following six principles

1, location selection rationality

is also very important in the choice of the location of the restaurant early. If you choose a good location, great effect for restaurant management will, must consider the size and type of restaurant decoration for the customer, and will these factors and designers full communication, so as to determine an appropriate design scheme.

2, practical

The restaurant is

customer leisure entertainment talk place to relax, there is need for a comfortable environment, relaxed atmosphere, people can express feelings, enjoy the happiness of gathering between friends and the aroma of tea. Therefore, restaurant decoration design to divide a plurality of regions, each region of different functions can meet the different needs of different people.

3, scientific

Reasonable layout of

restaurant environment, is to meet the physical requirements and aesthetic requirements. With a light for example, lighting in the future will be varied, the size of the illumination, light direction, projection angle, the modelling of lamps and lanterns, is the highlight of the layout of the environment; the style of furniture, and streamline shape and color collocation, is the center of the layout of the environment.

4, artistic

is used to relax restaurant and entertainment places, so we need some appropriate decorative art. Is Chinese, or European, traditional, or modern, tell you the designer, restaurant design has the characteristics of contemporary culture, highlighting the best local characteristics and meet the local customs. For example, in the Chinese restaurant room, imitation of the Ming and Qing style mahogany furniture is essential, then layout elegant calligraphy scrolls, landscape painting, mood distant scene and pleasant green plants, as well as antique Yixing ceramic, immediately create a gentle and harmonious immense interest.

5, economic

restaurant interior layout with comfortable, convenient to use as the standard level, not to pay attention to It differs from man to man., for comparison. As an owner,